As a student in medicine, pharmaceutical or life sciences, you may want to guide your future career towards the pharma industry, SMEs, regulatory agencies, health authorities, academic research institutes or patients organisations and be specialized in benefit-risk assessment of medicines, drug safety, pharmacovigilance and pharmacoepidemiology.

How can Eu2P help?

Eu2P is training students (Master, PhD) to become international experts in pharmacovigilance, clinical, patient and drug safety, regulatory affairs, health economics, and pharmacoepidemiology to enter the pharma job market (industry, regulatory agencies, health authorities, research institutes...).

Eu2P has the unique feature to provide the vision and expertise of both the public and private sectors in its course programmes and to mix students origin and background experience (including healthcare professionals attending single certificate modules that are included in your training curriculum).

Are you considered as student?

You must not be engaged in a full-time professional occupation

You have been enrolled in an academic programme no later than in the last two years preceding your application to Eu2P


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  • I highly recommend Eu2P because of the well balanced mix of various perspectives that you can rarely find in other programmes. There is a lot of first-hand expertise available in this programme, and you will meet many experts in the field. The information is carefully selected and always up to date. The chance of interacting with many international students is also wonderful.

    Alexandra Barbulescu-Pacurariu
    • Alexandra Barbulescu-Pacurariu
    • Pharmacovigilance Assessor, Romania
  • Oh Eu2P!!! This is great. I am inviting everyone to attend this Master's programme, it is a well thought-out programme. The unique feature of the programme is the fact that various perspectives are taken into consideration in the planning and delivery of the various courses. Issues are discussed from the point of view of the regulators, academicians, pharmaceutical industry, patients, physicians... to mention a few.

    Osemeke Osokogu
    • Osemeke Osokogu
    • Pediatric Pharmacoepidemiology Researcher, The Netherlands
  • Excellent programme! Incomparable opportunity to learn from leading experts in the area. I would recommend it to anyone, who have already spent few years and gain first experience, working with biopharmaceuticals – in regulatory affairs, PV, clinical research or HTA. Provided concepts are very refreshing, comprehensive and up to date. Moreover, you can follow the course from workplace or from home. Entire at once, or at your own pace module after module (or just the specific topic, what you need). At the same time it is very interactive. I have never felt, that learning is virtual, so live was the exchange with teachers and fellow students!

    Andrius Bacevicius
    • Andrius Bacevicius
    • Clinical Study Director, France
  • This is probably the best Masters for Pharmacovigilance with a very advanced e-learning platform you can find. Both live and playback lectures are available. It allows me to attend and complete the Masters remotely while working but yet not compromising on quality. I have learnt a lot from this Masters and I will strongly recommend anyone who is interested.

    Fan Ye Teoh
    • Fan Ye Teoh
    • Pharmacovigilance Manager, Singapore
  • Eu2P was a really rewarding experience! This program allows the trainers to be in contact with different European universities and to get a global vision of the pharmacovigilance and pharmacoepidemiology. This is really an advantage in the current world and in these particularly fields where it is more and more necessary to work in a global way. As a student, this program gave me also the opportunity of collaborating (through group work) with some health professionals who gave me a more practical vision than mine. It is important to note that the e-learning let us more flexibility in term of organisation and for example, I could go abroad to perform my research project!

    Maelys Touya
    • Maelys Touya
    • Associate Director, Health Economics and Outcome Research (HEOR), USA
  • I have definitely been recommending Eu2P to any Health Care Professional in Africa interested advancing their career in Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacoepidemiology, especially those working with the Health Authorities. Eu2P has definitely improved my self-worth and value due to multiple international network connections I got exposed to; something that has been extremely beneficial in my current career at Roche. What I loved the most in Eu2P is the delivery of the program was all-rounded through incorporation of different perspectives from all stakeholders involved in Pharmacovigilance. That is the Health Authorities’ perspective, the Pharmaceutical companies’ perspective, the Healthcare professional’s perspective, patient’s perspective the academia’s perspective, on a regular day to day learning experience. In addition, Eu2P is strategically placed through connections with all these stakeholders and therefore, Eu2P students are exposed to the latest GVP regulations/changes at first hand.

    Wangui Mathenge
    • Wangui Mathenge
    • QPPV East Africa Region, Kenya

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Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Safety, Patient Safety, Drug Safety, Regulatory Affairs, Health Economics, Pharmacoepidemiology, scientist, physician, analyst, auditor, project manager, specialist, consultant


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