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Eu2P is a European online education and training programme in pharmacovigilance and pharmacoepidemiology that was created by a consortium of 7 Universities, the European and French regulatory agencies and 15 members of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) under the financial support provided by the Innovative Medicines Initiatives (IMI JU).

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Current educational offer

Master of Science programme
A 2-years curriculum including mandatory and optional course modules, and leading to a joint and specialised Master degree

Certificate courses
25 different course modules to be attended over 3 months during the Master curriculum calendar

PhD programme
A 3-years research programme leading to a research thesis and doctoral degree

Short Courses
65 bite-sized courses which have been designed out of the Master modules' course material and that can be attended at anytime in single or package mode.

See Compare Eu2P Offer for further information.

Key milestones

  • Public-Private consortium project kick-off
    Sep. 2009
  • Design of the modular and online Master programme
  • Development of the eLearning platform and online courses
  • First Master year 2 and Certificate students cohort
    Sep. 2011
  • Joint Master and Certificates diploma agreements
    Jan. 2012
  • First Master year 1 and Certificate students cohort
    Sep. 2012
  • First PhD students cohort
    Sep. 2013
  • Launch of the new Short Courses offer
    Apr. 2016
  • New eLearning platform look and feel
    Sep. 2017
  • Launch of the Eu2P Talks In Practice
    Sep. 2018
  • Eu2P is 10-years old!
    Sep. 2019
  • Eu2P creates Am2P program, certificates and short courses
    Sep. 2021

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