Whatever function you have or plan to have, as a Drug Safety Officer, Associate or Analyst, a Pharmacovigilance Scientist or Project Manager, a QPPV, a GPvP Auditor, a Regulatory Affairs Officer or Manager, a Pharmacoepidemiologist, a Health Economist, a Manager of such teams... you probably need updated or new knowledge and competencies and have not much (study) time availabilities...

How can Eu2P help?

Eu2P is offering short and focussed courses or longer and in-depth modules certificates that fit with your job activities thanks to flexible and online based courses. Eu2P is even providing you opportunities to follow a Master programme on a part-time pace!

You will have a unique opportunity to interact with worldclass experts in EU, US and Japan drug safety and exchange with professional classmates from different backgrounds and cultures.

Are you considered as healthcare professional?

You are engaged in a full-time professional occupation

You are graduated in health or life sciences


Short courses or Certificate courses with intermediate or advanced expertise level

Master Year 2 part-time attendance


  • This programme is ideal for those working full time and for those that have to travel for work. I was very impressed with the platform and opportunity to work at my own pace with detailed learning materials and access to course tutors just a click away. The course is structured into bite sizes and I honestly don’t know where my 4 years went. The pace was just right for me and I highly recommend this online master. This programme is also a fantastic opportunity to network with colleagues in the industry whether it is pharmaceutical, academics, regulators etc. I learnt so much on this programme and it has really helped me to broaden my understanding of PV and pharmacoepidemiology.

    Raj Bhogal
    • Raj Bhogal
    • Safety & International Director, R&D Quality, UK
  • As a person who had a quest to have an in-depth understanding of Pharmacovigilance, Eu2P gave me an opportunity to understand the concepts from a wider perspective. I consider myself now to have a balanced understanding, enabling me to make decisions and policies at work with all stakeholder perspective in mind. The program is worth the time and investment for anyone who wants to advance in appropriate medicine use. The most import aspect about the program is that it did not interrupt my work schedule and many aspects were practical to be related and implemented in my routine activities as a regulator. Great Job Eu2P!! You made my career.

    Victoria Nambasa
    • Victoria Nambasa
    • Manager Pharmacovigilance, Uganda
  • Eu2P is a good programme that really makes you know things, which you were hitherto unaware. The programme is a good mix of real-world scenarios and practical problems. The assignments are designed in such a way that you need to read, understand and then put your own thoughts. This really is a unique feature of these courses and this is how they help us develop concepts.

    Santosh Kugali
    • Santosh Kugali
    • India
  • My Eu2P training was a wonderful learning experience because it is a practical reflection of scenarios that occur within the pharmaceutical industry. Before attending the training, I already had some practical knowledge which I was able to improve on with the complementary theoretical approach of the training. The training was a hybrid of academics and practical experience as many of the lecturers are accomplished speakers with backgrounds in the Pharma industry, Health authorities and academics. I enjoyed the flexibility and adaptability of the training considering I had to combine this with full-time employment, the administrators were always ready to provide support and assistance when required. The training has inspired me to consider enrolling more advanced training with the Eu2P programme.

    • Hammed
    • Pharmacovigilance Physician, UK
  • I have really enjoyed the master programme study with Eu2P on a part-time basis, which allows me to enhance both my theoretical and practical knowledge in pharmacovigilance and epidemiology fields alongside my heavy professional duty as medicine development director. The concept of studying with peers from industry practitioners, regulators and academia is a unique feature of the Eu2P program, which allows me to apply the knowledge seamlessly in my professional works. Highly recommended and appreciated.

    Xuemei Eichmann
    • Xuemei Eichmann
    • Director Global Program Head, Germany
  • Overall, it was a very enriching experience completing the certificate program on benefit-risk assessment in drug development, offered by Eu2P. It is one of the very demanding and stringent courses I have done and that exemplifies the emphasis that the organization places on quality thereby ensuring that they develop core competency to the highest in professionals taking the course. I am sure that if another opportunity comes through my organization, I will definitely consider enrolling in other professional development courses as well, in addition to sharing my positive experiences with my colleagues and professional acquaintances.

    Varadamurthy Srinivasan
    • Varadamurthy Srinivasan
    • Associate Director, Regulatory Affairs, USA
  • I enjoyed working on Eu2P! Despite being online it is well thought-through, forces you to learn and with this guarantees success (because learning is what you want, right?). The course was highly relevant for my daily work and I can only recommend this one (Statistics) to others. Study materials and examples were indeed helpful in this topic. Teachers and contacts were easy to reach, responded immediately and were dedicated. So interaction worked perfectly. Also indeed inspiring to do this EU-wide with students coming from different EU countries. Not the only one but one eye-opening example why collaboration within the EU is great!

    Thilo Krueger
    • Thilo Krueger
    • Global Clinical Leader, Germany
  • Eu2P is an amazing, well-designed and a “can’t miss” opportunity for those who work or would like to work in drug regulation, Pharma industry, academia, public health and other related fields. By the joining the Eu2P, I have solved lots of my doubts/challenges that I was encountering on my daily work. The e-learning platform is a class of its own; with intensive interaction and live sessions. After all, I have enjoyed the sense of the academic partnerships of the six universities with critical view from regulators, public health managers, insurers, patient representatives and so on. Eu2P is a proof for me that online PG programs can be achieved in an easier and comfortable way without compromising the quality of education and interaction. Now, confidently I am able to identify, evaluate and communicate several safety signals and assess benefits and risks of medicines. Besides, I am now involved as lead investigator in large observational cohort studies. Viva Eu2P! I am proud to be your product.

    Mulugeta Russom
    • Mulugeta Russom
    • Head, Eritrean Pharmacovigilance Centre, Eritrea
  • I'd recommend Eu2P courses. Working in a corporate environment, time is limited and very precious, having a course with flexibility to take the lessons and complete tasks and exercises is priceless. Of course you need a type of routine to complete everything needed while taking the lessons, but the way the course is designed, fits perfectly to my work schedule. The content is very clear and appropriated.

    Cristina Araujo
    • Cristina Araujo
    • Pharmacovigilance Manager, Brazil
  • Eu2P certificate options are simply great for professionals to enhance their skill set and learn various aspects of Pharmacovigilance. The entire course work is pre-planned and online, which helps professionals to manage studies as well as the work commitments. The certificate has definitely helped me acquire deep knowledge in terms of pharmacovigilance regulations not only of the pharmaceutical drugs but also vaccines, devices across the globe i.e. Europe, USA and Japan.

    Mansi Rathod
    • Mansi Rathod
    • Pharmacovigilance Scientist Level II, India
  • The training was engaging and deeply related to my work. I liked the further recommended reading topics from different literature sources and I also liked the “WIKI” part as it provided a collaboration space with colleagues and also gave me an option to study my colleagues' points of views regarding the topics studied. As I am a full-time employee it was somehow challenging to keep up with the syllabus in my free time but overall the workload was fine. I will definitely recommend training programs within the Eu2P platform and I am looking forward to my next course!

    Sherif El Derby
    • Sherif El Derby
    • Medical Science Liaison, Saudi Arabia
  • For me Eu2P was the perfect solution to deepen my HTA knowledge for work without affecting my working time. I was able to do it besides my regular job – sometimes it was challenging but the best thing I learned out of this double responsibility was dealing with time (e.g. picking out the most important messages in publications under time pressure). The online platform is great, the interactive live meetings and other tools worked very well.

    Gerrit Uhl
    • Gerrit Uhl
    • Lead Market Access and HTA , Austria

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