Eu2P delivers a PhD degree called "Doctorate of Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacoepidemiology"

Industry and regulatory partners are part of the PhD network as Associated Partners and fully participate to PhD curriculum.

The Eu2P PhD is based on national pre-existing PhD delivered by the Universities partners of Eu2P. It is compliant with the Bologna process, and is fully recognised by the relevant national Ministries of Higher Education. The Eu2P PhD has the same academic value as any other national PhD degree.

The Eu2P PhD diploma is printed and issued by the awarding institution that primarily supervises the PhD Student.


A European Diploma Supplement in English is delivered to the successful Eu2P PhD trainee to improve international transparency and facilitate the academic and professional recognition of qualifications.

This European Diploma Supplement deals with programme details and results obtained by the successful trainee. This supplement provides a detailed description of the qualification, mobility, research project periods and successful oral defence. It recognises the achievement of an innovative research in the framework of the large Eu2P research and excellence network.

The Eu2P PhD Diploma Supplement is printed and issued by the Université de Bordeaux. It includes the logos of Eu2P Academic Partners and is signed by Eu2P Academic Partners Presidents or Rectors.


Awarding process by Eu2P Partners Universities

The curriculum terminates with the award of a Doctorate in Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacoepidemiology. The PhD thesis does not carry any credits associated with it. It is only after three years of full-time study of active and successful research activities (as validated by the supervisors in the different institutions) that the student is envisaging the thesis defence, after approval by the Doctoral Board. The final examination consists in an oral defence of the doctoral student centred on his/her Doctoral Thesis, conducted in English language for the members of the jury. After a successful oral defence, the student is declared eligible for the award of the PhD degree.

As a principle, it is the supervising Academic Partner that awards the Eu2P PhD degree.

PhD Thesis length and contents

A PhD thesis is based upon a substantial and innovative research contribution. Generally, a minimum of 150 pages/250.000 signs (spaces excluded) – 1.5 spaced – Times New Roman – Font 12 is recommended.

Additional local rules that are in place in the degree-awarding institution, may also apply if such local rules are mandatory and not complied with by the Eu2P PhD rules.

PhD Submission process and obligations

The PhD thesis is delivered in English and comprise at least two scientific original papers published or accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals, to be submitted to the appointed plenary doctoral committee.

The three reviewers from the Plenary Doctoral Committee review and send the thesis judgment, comments and questions to the Eu2P Doctoral Board through the Eu2P Central Office, which transmits them to the PhD supervisor. This review report includes the judgment on the permission for the PhD student to orally defend his/her thesis.

In case the doctoral thesis review report recommends major corrections, a postponing of the oral thesis defence is notified by the Doctoral Board.

Oral Defence

Following the thesis review report, the authorization for the PhD student to orally defend his/her PhD is granted by the degree-awarding institution, and endorsed by the Eu2P Doctoral Board.

Depending on this location, the authorisation to defend may have to be confirmed by the local board in charge of Doctoral regulations and assessment.

This oral defence takes in the conditions usually in place in the degree-awarding institution. Specific adaptation relating in particular the place of defence may however be established in the particular framework on the on-line Eu2P PhD programme.
The PhD student cannot fail to attend the final examination.

The composition of the Plenary Doctoral Committee is proposed in written to the Eu2P Doctoral Board by the PhD Supervisor and the student following the rules and calendar in place in the degree-awarding Eu2P Academic partner.

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